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Click for Australia is now operated by a leading Australian Travel Company -there will be many changes to the site - with even more information and features being added over the next 12 months. With strategic alliances being put in place as we speak, stay tuned for an improved Click For Australia.

Over the years we have been truly bombarded by questions about Australia. What is the climate like? How do I get there? Where do I stay when I visit Australia? What is there to see in Australia? Where can I buy Australian products? How do I get around in Australia? All of these questions can be answered here on Click for Australia.

People can learn about current affairs in Australia by visiting our news headlines page, the weather page or listening to live radio. If you do not have all of the vacation information that you need here, we have selected some of the best Australian Travel Books that can be purchased from Click for Australia.

All of our listings are added by hand and examined for content to insure that you get relevant search results. We check all our links once a month to make sure that there are very few broken links in this site.

We hope you enjoy your stay here at Click for Australia. Please feel free to give us feedback if you would like to do so.  We will continue to strive to update our content and we really appreciate your input.

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