Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney has one of the most beautiful harbours and downtown areas in the world and the best place to see it is at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, 134 meters above the Sydney Harbour. Thanks to a company called Bridge Climb, you can now do this in a safe manner, with experienced guides and it is well worth the money. Climbing to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is an experience that you will not forget for a long time, if ever.

The climb, with the preparation, will take you around 3 hours and you can do it during the day or night. You will find that the walk is not too hard and you will should feel safe for most of the time. The reason that you will feel safe is that Bridge Climb has gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure that there are no major problems. However, there are a lot of ladders and tight spots to squeeze through, so I would not recommend it if you are not able to climb a normal ladder or get winded walking small distances.

You start your excursion by meeting with one of the Bridge Climb staff who then makes you blow into a breath analyzer to make sure that you are not above the legal driving alcohol limit of 0.05. If you have been out boozing it up over lunch, forget it! You won't be allowed on the bridge.

People climibing the Sydney Harbour Bridge

The staff will make you watch a video about your climb and will give you some practice on how to use the harness that attaches you to the bridge. You will be asked to store any personal belongings, that may come loose during the climb, in a locker. The reason for this is that they do not want anything to fall and distract or injure pedestrians or drivers below. . This means that you cannot take your wrist watch, cameras or anything else that could come loose. Digital photographs will be taken of you along the way so that you can remember your hike to the top of the bridge.The staff will loan you a suit that you must wear while on the bridge and give you tips on how to climb safely.

During the climb your guide will deliver a very interesting talk about the Bridge, the Harbour, the Opera House and much more. You will have a remote head set so that you can listen. Once you reach the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you will be 134 meters above sea level and will have a superb view of the Harbour, the City of Sydney, North Sydney, the Sydney Opera House and more.

During the climb down you will learn more about Sydney and the Bridge. Once you are back at the staging area, you have an opportunity to collect your belongings, pick up your photographs and make any purchases from the gift shop.

The Bridge Climb is well worth the effort and you will always remember that view of Sydney from the top.

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