Wild Dolphins in Monkey Mia, Western Australia

If you ever have a chance to visit Western Australia, make sure that you take the time to visit the Shark Bay World Heritage area and Monkey Mia.
Learn more about Monkey Mia The beach at the area called Monkey Mia is visited almost every day by a pod of wild bottle nosed dolphins who swim in from the bay to interact with visitors in the shallow waters.The dolphins have been visiting for around 27 years and most mornings they arrive in small groups and stay for up to an hour where they are fed a small amount of fresh fish.

The amount of fresh fish that is fed to the dolphins is limited as they are wild creatures and they should not become dependent upon handouts from humans.

Monkey Mia is 27 kilometers north of the Western Australian town, Denham, and 850 kilometers (over 500 miles) from Western Australia's capital city of Perth. You can drive from Perth or fly to from Perth to visit the Shark Bay World Heritage Area. There are fly-in, 1 to 5 day packages available from $495 (AU) (Page written July 2001). For more information visit www.visitwa.com.au. This site also offers backpacker specials to Monkey Mia, coach vacations and self-drive vacations.

The Shark Bay Area is also known for hundreds of miles of magnificent beaches, snorkeling, diving, touring the Francois Peron National Park and many nature-based tours. Another famous inhabitant of the Shark Bay World Heritage area is the Dugong. The Dugong is one of 2 surviving sirenians or sea cows, the other being the Manatee which is found in Florida and the Caribbean.

The area further north of the Monkey Mia area is also worth a visit. If you travel north you will come across Coral Bay and Exmouth. This whole area from Shark Bay to Exmouth is often referred to as the Outback Coast and includes a wonderful area known as Ningaloo Marine Park. The abundant sealife, the beautiful waters and the warm temperatures make this area ideal for diving. You can find several diving and diving supply companies at http://www.outbackcoast.com/diving  In fact the site www.outbackcoast.com will give you a very good idea of how to dive in this area, where to stay and much more. Important information includes driving tips. This is important as many of the roads are unpaved, the main pedestrians are kangaroos and you need to take a supply of water with you. It is not a jaunt down the Autobahn or the U.S. Interstate. Please be prepared, listen to the locals and enjoy your trip.


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