Hotel Resort Accommodation in Queensland Australia

Resorts in Australia provide some of the best vacation opportunities for many people and the State of Queensland is the best place to look for resorts. Queensland has all of the natural attributes to make resorts attractive and the climate is warm.

The beautiful beaches, tropical jungles, Great Barrier Reef and warm weather all year round make Queensland a popular resort location for water sports, relaxing on the beach or playing golf.

Queensland golf resort as seen from the air
The day time temperatures in the capital city of Brisbane range from the 70's during the winter to the 90's in the summer. It is important to note that the further north you travel, the warmer the weather. You should also know that the Australian summer (December - March) is the rainy or wet season.
Relaxing at a resort in Queensland

Many of the resorts are located north of Brisbane and are closer to the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands. The Whitsunday Islands are a group of tropical islands off the coast of Queensland that are ideally suited for a number of relaxing activities such as sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving or just relaxing on the beach.

There are now over 500,000 visitors each year to the Whitsunday Islands because of what they have to offer.

These 5 resorts are not the only ones in Queensland obviously. For a more comprehensive directory of resorts, go to our Queensland Resorts Directory. You will find island resorts and mainland resorts. One area worth researching are the Port Douglas and Daintree Rainforest areas.
The island resorts are accessed in different ways. Some may require a short flight from towns, such as Cairns and Townsville, and others may require a boat ride. You should check each resort's website to see how to best to get there. If you are flying from overseas you may have to fly into Sydney and then connect to Cairns or Townsville.
As well as experiencing the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands, you may want to explore life in a tropical rainforest. The Daintree Rainforest is not too far from Cairns and two resorts that springs to mind are the Silky Oaks Lodge, Daintree Eco Lodge and the Daintree Wilderness Lodge. These unique resort is only a 90 minute drive from Cairns and makes for a different but enjoyable experience in the tropical rainforest.
Whether you like to scuba dive on the Reef, learn about the rainforest or just relax around the pool, Queenslands' resorts promise a vacation to remember.
  • Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas: Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas is a beach resort with five acres of meandering saltwater lagoon with an 18-hole championship golf course. In the natural theme park that is tropical North Queensland, Australia, the essence of luxury has been captured at Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas.

  • Radisson Treetops Resort, Port Douglas: Radisson Treetops Resort is built amongst the natural canopy of its own rainforest with a flowing creek, lily ponds and tree shaded retreats creating a relaxed yet elegant atmosphere.

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