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Learn more about South Australia's wine country. You will find a selection vineyards, tours, bed and breakfasts and information about various wine producing regions in South Australia. We hope this helps you learn more about Australian wines. Feel free to visit some of these areas on your next vacation to Australia.
  • Auburn Tours Barossa Valley: Tour the Barossa Valley in a unique 1935 vintage Auburn convertible that exudes the opulence of a bygone era.
  • Barossa Daimler Tours: Winners of tourism awards and critical acclaim, Barossa Daimler Tours have the knowledge to show you their little piece of paradise and fill it with history, fine regional food, winemakers, cellars, and golden sunsets.
  • Barossa Valley Estate: Two new wines have joined the BVE stables. The new "Spires" range comprises a Chardonnay Semillon and a Shiraz Cabernet. Both these wines, from the 1998 vintage, have been made to drink upon release. They are youthful, full flavoured, fruit driven wines. This new range captures the essence of the Barossa Valley. The distinctive labels depict a contemporary vision of the Barossa Valley - towering Church spires surrounded by a mosaic of vineyards. Sydney based artist, Ben Goss, was commissioned to paint these labels to show the culture and charm of the Valley.

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