Tasman Peninsula - A Beautiful Area of Tasmania , Australia

One of the great things about visiting Tasmania is that there are a lot of day trips that you can take from the capital city of Hobart. One favorite is the Tasman Peninsula which is located to the south east of Hobart. To get to the Tasman Peninsula, it will take you about 90 minutes to 2 hours from Hobart. The roads are relatively narrow and wind through beautiful gum forests and undulating hills. Remember that driving in Australia can be confusing for some as the driver sits on the right side of the car and people drive on the left side of the road. Take your time and be careful.

There are 2 main reasons to make this trek. The first is that the rugged scenery is magnificent and then there is Port Arthur. Port Arthur was a convict settlement dating back to the days when the English were exporting their criminals to Australia. There are still ruins that you can walk through and learn about life in the early Australian penal system. Two of the main attractions are the church and the prison ruins. You can see the old prison cells and gain a good feeling of how harsh life must have been back in the early days of Tasmanian settlement. Port Arthur has become very popular over the past decade and is often crowded with tour buses and tourists from all over the world. It may be worth getting an early start at Port Arthur and then moving on to see the beautiful surrounding landscapes.

Around Port Arthur there are a number of sites to stop at. Make sure you have your camera.

(1) The view of Pirates Bay and the coastline from the lookout just before Eagle Hawk Neck is stunning. There is a beautiful beach with white sands, blue water and rugged rocky cliffs. Eagle Hawk Neck is a thin strip of land with water on both sides that separates the Peninsula from the rest of Tasmania. This was a barrier to any convicts trying to escape from Port Arthur.

(2) A short drive down the hill and you can look at the Tessellated Pavements. These are some interesting rock formations formed by years of erosion from the ocean. From here you can walk along to the beach mentioned above. More information is available here at the local tourism office.

Pirates Bay from the lookout
Rugged coast line of Tasman Peninsula
(3) A few kilometers further and you will find the Blow Hole. It is a cave-like hole formed in the cliff by years of erosion from the ocean. When the waves are large water is forced through the Blow Hole and the display is spectacular. Be sure not to get too close when the waves are large. It is possible to get washed into the water.

(4) Nearby, you will find Devils Kitchen and Tasman Arch which are also natural rock formations that have been formed because of the rugged coastal conditions of Tasmania. These 2 spectacular formations are located high above the ocean atop rugged cliffs.

(5) Remarkable Cave is a little further past Port Arthur and is yet another opportunity to see a wonderful natural panorama. This is a favorite area for the young local surfers who will climb down the rocky cliffs and walk through the cave to get to the cold surf.

Tasmania is known world wide for the hiking. If you are interested in camping and hiking, it may be worth your while going to the Fortescue Bay area on the Tasman Peninsula. You will have to drive along a dirt road through tremendous gum forests for several miles until you reach Fortescue Bay. This is a good starting point for hiking. As with any hiking trails in Tasmania it is best to do some research before hand and make sure that you have the right equipment and supplies.

If you are looking for an interesting day trip, want to hike along isolated rugged trails or visit the historic ruins of Port Arthur, we recommend the Tasman Peninsula.

To see more photographs of the Tasman Peninsula and Tasmania, go to our photograph pages.

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