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  • Introduction:
    Increasing traffic to your website is one of the hardest and most frustrating tasks. The rewards are big if you succeed. Your business is exposed night and day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. People are being exposed to your business even when you sleep. One market that can significantly increase your traffic is the U.S. We have had several questions from site owners in Australia on how to do this and we are sharing some of our experiences here.

  • Meta Tags:
    The first thing is that you need to have a website with good meta tags. These are the tags that some search engines look for in order to add your site to their list. The search engine will look for these tags and often check to see how it relates to the content of your site. A big warning! Do not repeat your keywords over and over. For example, an Australian tourism site should not have the word Australia repeated more than 2 or 3 times. This can get you banned from certain search engines. There is help for generating meta tags. One site can be found at . When your tags are in order you can submit your site to many search engines all at once at and many other services such as

  • Directories:
    In our humble opinion there are 2 main directories that you need to belong to. is one and is the other. Adding your site to the Looksmart directory will also get you added to,,,, and the directories of many other ISPs throughout the U.S. There is a cost associated with this and you should review their policy before going ahead with this. Yahoo also charges for their express submission but this is most likely the easiest way to get added. If you can get added to Yahoo you will get traffic.

  • Links:
    Some search engines will increase your ranking based on the number of sites that have linked to your site. The theory is that a site with thousands of sites linked to it is of more value and is more popular than a site with only a few sites linked to it. One tool that can help you determine how many sites are linked to your site can be found at Market Leap and Link Popularity Check. This works great to let you know how many sites are linked to you as long as they are listed on, and There are some services that we have not tried or evaluated yet that help you generate reciprocal links. One of them is

  • Pay Per Click Search Engines:
    These search engines require you to pay for click-throughs to your site from their listing. The most popular is Overture and another is is highly effective at generating traffic for your site but it can get expensive quickly. For example, to make the top of the list for the search word "Australia", you will have to pay 27 cents U.S. per click-through (on May 4, 2001). Another way to look at it is that it will cost you 27 cents U.S. to bring a customer to your site. These prices do fluctuate a lot as people can bid higher than you putting them at the top of the list or several bidders may take themselves off the top. When this happens you may be able to get a cheaper bid to make the top of the list. When using these sites to market your website it is important to at least be listed in the first 10 sites under a search term. You get what you pay for. One word of caution for those with a limited advertising budget. If you show in the top 3 listings for any word or search term, you automatically qualify for the Premuim Listings. This will automatically put your site link in a prominent position on Alta Vista, Hot Bot, AOL, Netscape and other sites. This is great for traffic but remember you are paying for the click-throughs, even from the other sites.

  • Web Rings:
    We have never used the web rings for no other reason than they require you to place a logo on your home page. The Australian Tourism and Tourists Webring explains how this works better than we can.
    "A web ring is a continuous loop of web sites with Next and Previous buttons that take you from one site in the ring to the next. The Australian Tourism and Tourists Webring is a linked group of websites devoted to Australian travel related subjects - accommodation, vehicle rental, outback adventure, tourist destinations and more."

  • Press Releases:
    All of your best efforts at getting your site to the top of the lists with the search engines and directories is tough and you may have to resort to other techniques. A well written press release in the right hands is invaluable. This, if published, will drive people to your site. For more information on how to write a press release try Please read all of their information and make your own decision.

  • Opt-in E-mail Campaigns:
    There are some services in the United States, and most likely in Australia, that allow consumers to sign up to receive e-mails about topics they are interested in. For example, I can sign up for travel and tourism information and I only receive e-mails from them on tourism and travel. Conversely, businesses can sign up to get their promotional information out by e-mail to people who are interested in their topic. This is a very targeted way to promote your site but there is a cost. Some examples are

  • List Bots:
    List Bots are designed for you to build your own e-mail list. This is often a free service. You can place some code on your website and visitors can volunteer to leave their e-mail address. Once you have collected some names you can then send out newsletters, special promotions or whatever else. You can find this tool at Bravenet. Other tools and neat gadgets can also be found at Bravenet.
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