Western Australia Sites to See , Attractions and Things To Do
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  • Botanic Golf Gardens: Botanic Golf Gardens features two unique minigolf courses nestled amongst 5 acres of magnificently landscaped gardens. These beautiful 18 hole golf courses wind their way through sculptured lawns, minature lakes, waterfalls and exotic flower displays.
  • Broome: An exotic town and the southern gateway to the Kimberley region Broome should be on the "must do" list for any visitor to our north
  • Broome: Pearl capital of the world: Broome, a unique, exotic town and the southern gateway to the raw wilderness area of the Kimberley region. Nowadays, Broome is also a major holiday resort with fine resort hotels, a busy airport and top class restaurants. There are safari tours, hovercraft tours, a crocodile park, pearl farms - and of course great fishing and water sports. When you tire of the tropical torpor encouraged by simmering sands, ochre rocks and deep blue waters, take a camel ride along the 22 kms of talc powder sand of the famous Cable Beach or visit Sun Pictures, believed to be the oldest picture gardens in the world, where movies are shown under the stars every night.
  • Broome 'Pearling Capital of The World': The balmy air of historic Broome, is filled with the scent of frangipani. Vibrant colours of bougainvillea amid the unique Broome style buildings that nestle amongst the Coconut palms. The special blend of colonial Australian and Asia cultures has, through many generations, created a style and ambience that is particular to Broome. A romantic vision come true. Here, nothing is more important than the present, you can but slip into "Broome Time ".
  • Bungle Bungle: The Bungle Bungle massif was created at the same time as most of the Kimberley scenery, around 350 million years ago. A scenic flight is the best way to gain a perspective of its massive size. In fact twice as many people see the massif by air than those who visit by road. However, the venture in by 4WD is well worth the effort.
  • Bungle Bungles: Thousands of beehive shaped hills and mounds rise up out of the plain, striped in red, orange and black bands these hills have been described as a wonderland that waited three hundred and fifty million years to be found.
  • Cockatoo Island: Cockatoo Island is one of 1000 or more islands which make up the dramatic Buccaneer Archipelago wilderness off the Kimberley Pearl Coast. Hidden beaches smile dazzlingly. Breezes bounce over the balcony of your bungalow. The tone is tropical.
  • Coral Bay: Coral Bay has much to offer for all sorts of people. It's ideal for the independent traveller searching for excitement, Families looking for a enjoyable and safe environment, scuba divers, fishing enthusiasts, snorkellers and those who simply want to relax, unwind and see nature at it's best.
  • Coral Bay: Coral Bay is a small settlement that lies protected from the Indian ocean by the Ningaloo reef. It is Australia's only fringing reef. In contrast to other locations the coral starts right at the water's edge. The fish and the coral are very accessible to all including small children. Fish and coral can be experienced either snorkelling or on one of the Coral viewing boats. It is about 50 km to the North of the tropic of Capricorn, some 120 km south of Exmouth in Western Australia. The weather is mild, without the humidity that is often associated with tropical climates.

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