Fraser Island - Eco-tourists paradise

One of the most incredible sand islands in the world, Fraser Island, is not found in the exotic tropics - but rather in South-East Queensland.

Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island - measuring an incredible 184,000 hectares and stretching over 120km offshore from the Fraser Coast.

Some of the most spectacular beaches, headlands, lakes, creeks and rainforests found in Queensland are to be seen on Fraser.

In fact, Fraser is the only place in the world where tall rainforests grow on sand dunes at elevations of over 200 metres. Here, and on the adjacent mainland - but nowhere else - has soil developed to a depth capable of supporting tall rainforest.

Seventy Five Mile Beach on Fraser Island in Queensland Australia
4WD Vehicle - 75 Mile Beach

Little wonder then, that in 1992, it joined nine other special sites in Australia and was World Heritage listed for present and future generations to enjoy.

Fraser Island has superb white sandy beaches, stretching for miles on end. In fact, the main stretch of beach on the eastern side of the island is known as Seventy Five Mile Beach and stretches into an endless horizon of whiteness fringed by a blue ocean.

Seventy Five Mile Beach on Fraser Island in Queensland Australia
Sunset - 75 Mile Beach

In the same way as other southern Queensland sand islands, Fraser’s sands originate from materials weathered from the mountain ranges of Northern New South Wales.

Over the centuries, eastward-flowing rivers, ocean currents and winds have driven large amounts of sand northwards, depositing them at rock outcrops such as those found two-thirds of the way up the east coast of Fraser Island.

These outcrops - of volcanic origin - include the landmarks now referred to as Indian Head, Waddy Point and Middle Rocks, and are the only true rock found on the entire island.

The sand makes for an excellent base for a water table - and Fraser has the second largest concentration of lakes in Australia (after Tasmania). There are over 100 freshwater lakes and more than 40 perched lakes.

Visitors to Fraser can either enjoy day cruises, camping safaris, or can stay on the island overnight. There are three resorts - Kingfisher Bay, Fraser Island Retreat and Eurong. In addition, houses can be rented on the island.

Self-drive tours in hired four-wheel drives are an option, or for those who want to sit back and have it all done for them, there are several excellent tours.

Contact : Fraser Coast South Burnett Regional Tourism Board.
Ph Aust +61 7 4122 3444.

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